Successful Treatment – David

My son David, now 10 years old, experienced problems from birth. He was hard to breast feed, had colic, slept poorly and was hard to manage.

My name is Julia and I am David’s mother. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for the frustration, desperation and insanity that I have endured with one beautiful and very much loved little boy.

I have been unable to work, shop, attend church, go to a restaurant, go on vacation or even drive my car with David. No babysitter, day care personnel or school would take care of my son because he was so hard to manage. I felt as though I had been incarcerated.

Diagnosed with borderline ADHD, the obvious choice for David was medication, namely Ritalin, according to his teachers and school principal. My choice was homeopathic medicine. Growing up in England, I was no stranger to holistic medicine. My father, a medic in World War II, always had a cure for ailments using herbs.

Many phone calls later we found Dr. Murray Clarke, who treated children with this disorder. David was 7 years old and we were in our fourth school by then. I didn’t mind that Dr. Murray was 35 miles away and the drive involved heavy traffic, because by then I would have traveled to the moon for this little boy.

I woke up each morning dreading what the new day would bring in the life of David, how many phone calls would I get from school, would he grab my arm from the steering wheel or would he have a temper tantrum in a grocery store that would go on for hours.

With the diet modification, vitamin program and homeopathic remedy that Dr. Murray recommended, one could see the calm, happy and loving child emerge, taking over the impulsive, agitated, hyperactive, belligerent and bad-tempered boy. School calls diminished, temper tantrums stopped, school grades got better and his soccer career flourished.

About once a month—depending upon the stresses in David’s life, his growth spurts or changes in his diet—I watch for any changes in his being such as decrease in appetite, change in disposition, hyper-ness, restlessness, verbal abuse, aggressive behavior or abnormal symptoms. We know that it is time for his monthly homeopathic remedy and visit to Dr. Murray. Other than this life is normal…Thanks, Murray. —Julia

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