Successful Treatment – Julia

When Julia first came to my clinic at the age of 14, she already had a six-year history of ongoing stomachaches and constipation, for which her family had taken her to see many highly recommended doctors.

She had been given many different tests and prescribed many different medications including antacids, antibiotics, steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, and had even been recommended antidepressants.

Testing by previous doctors included food allergy panels, stool analysis for parasites, yeast, bacterial imbalance and bacterial pathogens, an upper GI endoscopy and an abdominal CAT scan.

Now, six years later with no real improvement in her original symptoms of recurring stomach pain, she now also suffered from migraine headaches, fatigue and an underlying anxiety that was affecting every other part of her life-experience, including her social life and scholastic abilities.

Looking at this history of symptoms and the testing that had been done, I was extremely surprised to see that no one had looked or tested more closely for gluten sensitivity through stool testing rather than just the blood test.

After talking and listening to Julia to find the exact characteristics of her particular stomach aches, migraines, anxiety, fatigue and personality we prescribed her constitutional homeopathic remedy, Nux Moschata 6c to be taken once daily and immediately ordered a gluten sensitivity stool test.

The gluten sensitivity test confirmed her sensitivity to gluten, and by placing Julia on a gluten-free diet and continuing to have her take her homeopathic remedy she immediately began to feel better. All of her symptoms began to decrease in intensity and frequency and over the course of the first three months, she experienced 80 percent improvement, her self-confidence returned as her energy returned and she looked forward to school again. Her life had dramatically changed course.

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