Successful Treatment – Emily

Emily was diagnosed at six months of age with urinary reflux, a condition that makes a child very susceptible to urinary tract and kidney infections. At this time she was prescribed antibiotics to be taken daily on an ongoing basis to prevent these infections.

Over the course of the next year, Emily began to develop skin rashes, which were diagnosed as eczema, suffered from recurring yeast infections, had five ear infections over the course of eight months and caught almost every cold that went around her day care center..

The recurring yeast infections confirmed that the antibiotics had disrupted the balance of good bacteria in her intestinal and digestive system, a common side effect of antibiotic use, and which often leads to skin rashes and eczema. The recurrent ear infections and her susceptibility to catching every cold that was going around indicated that her immune system had also been compromised and weakened by the ongoing use of antibiotics.

Obviously, her immune system was struggling and we had to find the right remedies to change this downward spiral and restore her immune system.

First, we adjusted her diet by placing her on the Blood Type Diet that suited her O blood type. By following her blood type food choices, we were helping her avoid the foods that she was most likely allergic to and that were irritating her immune system and aggravating her skin condition. foo

Emily was also started on her constitutional homeopathic remedy, Syc.Co 12 c, and nutritional supplements to support her immune and digestive systems: colostrum, probiotics, cod liver oil, vitamin C and vitamin D3, all of which are taken once daily.

After three months her parents began to see the changes and signs that her immune system was recovering and growing stronger again. No more yeast infections, indicating that the colostrum and probiotics had restored the digestive and intestinal system back to normal. Fewer colds and coughs, and she was recovering faster whenever she did start with any cold symptoms. The skin rashes and eczema were gradually going away.

It will take some time to bring Emily’s whole system and being back to full health—probably at least a few years of taking the homeopathic remedy and nutritional supplements while continuing to watch her foods and diet. During this time the colds will become less frequent, her recovery time will continue to improve and her immune system will be able to protect her in the way that it was designed to do.

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