Autism, Autistic spectrum, Asperger’s syndrome

All of the developmental and autistic spectrum disorders involve different degrees of dysfunction in our most sophisticated and delicate organ: the brain. From the perspective of holistic and biomedical medicine, we know that the brain does not just malfunction by itself. Any malfunction is usually the result of a direct brain injury from trauma and concussion, or the consequences of an ongoing immune/inflammatory reaction that is occurring within the brain and triggered by some form of irritant or external pathogen. In the majority of children suffering from any one of these disorders, a multi-faceted approach is required to address and heal the underlying and associated problems in the body that are directly related to and contributing to the dysfunction of the brain.

Most importantly, healing and curing a child with any of these conditions requires patience and time. In my own clinic, the biggest factor determining the degree of success in curing children with these conditions has been the ability of the parents to consistently apply the treatment and remedies.

This treatment requires a well-organized and comprehensive approach involving each of the following six key components:

  • Dietary evaluation and intervention
  • Gastrointestinal evaluation and healing
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Detoxification of metals and chemicals when necessary
  • Osteopathic craniosacral treatment
  • Homeopathic constitutional remedy
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